Good day and welcome to LIQUID WALLPAPER

What is Liquid Wallpaper?

This unique product is a specially developed paint which when applied, using a patented roller and pattern, has the visual effect of wallpaper. The high quality specialised base paint has a rich velvety finish which is further enhanced when the pearlised top coat is applied creating an embossed look. LIQUID WALLPAPER is eco-friendly, waterproof, odourless, quick drying and can be applied to any surface i.e. tiles, cupboards, walls, panels, steel, zinc galvanising, plastic, acrylic, glass etc.

LIQUID WALLPAPER is a very creative tool and is available in an exterior as well as an interior application. There exists enormous scope for advertising, promotions, corporate and commercial markets and patterns can be designed to the client`s requirements. LIQUID WALLPAPER was developed in Korea and is manufactured in Shanghai, China and has been on the market in Europe, Middle East, Malaysia for over 10 years and in SOUTH AFRICA  for 3 years AND NOW AFRICA.

An exquisitely elegant eco-friendly decorative paint finish, LIQUID WALLPAPER can be used on feature walls in the home, office, restaurant, shop, hospital etc to make a bold and attractive statement or simply to enhance the beauty and ambience of the existing room and decor.